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wethecoders contains general terms and conditions that must be adhered by the customer, as follows:

  •  We will provide our best for your assignment/project completion, but we are not aware of evaluation criteria of your university/college, so we are not responsible if you are not getting good marks.
  • If the cost of the project is 100USD+ then you have to pay 50% in advance and remaining after completion of the project and first 50% is not refundable if we delivery of the project.
  • It is your responsibility to test the assignment before submission and let me know if any changes are required once you submitted the assignment our responsibility is over.
  • We will give you full support until your assignment/ project not satisfied your project requirements, no refund is applicable in the case if the assignment is failed( 50% refund is possible in some cases).
  • After delivery of project you will get 48 hours to test your project/assignment and let us know within that timeline otherwise extra charges will be applicable.
  •  You will get the full refund if you are canceling your order within 24 hours of the project activation.

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