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Before going to proceed we should know what is the Android ?? and how it is playing a huge role nowadays?

Android is an open source and powerful operating system. Java language is used to write Android code. Android provides easy access to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Calendar.

At the startup, Android launched the smartphones and get too famous. After that developer decided to explore and expand the use of Android and nowadays it’s everywhere like in a mobile device, TV and many other electronics items.

Android has something unique quality, it’s versions have always been named intelligently. They are always in alphabetical order. The first version was Cupcake and the latest version is Marshmallow.

Features of Android

  1. Beautiful UI( User Interface)
  2. Android OS basic screen provides a beautiful and intuitive user interface. It is easy to access. Android application is user-friendly.
  3. Quite Good Connectivity provides connectivity via GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC, and WiMAX.
  4. Android storage
  5. SQLite, a lightweight relational database, is used for data storage purposes.
  6. Multi-tasking  User can jump from one task to another and same time various application can run simultaneously. There are many more beautiful features is inherited in Android.

You can start your Android application development on following operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows XP or later version.
  • Mac Os
  • Linux

And the tools you need to develop Android Application you can download it to the web it’s freely available.

  • Android Studio
  • JDK (Java Development Kit)

There could be any kind of projects and assignments made in Android like mini projects for your 3 weeks summer training or you can complete your final year project submission any kind of Android programming project and assignment help.

If you want to take Android programming project and assignment help in your final year, then only two ways to perform it:

  1. Do it by yourself Hire the best education service, provider.
  2. If you need the one the best expert you can do your project in best way then

We are here to help you with your Android programming project and assignment help expert. Our Android experts help with mobile application development. We provide the complete support for creating and deploying Android apps. It is difficult for students to solve their Android home-works in the given due date allotted by the University and college. Students can now relax as we have come up with the best online educational services. We provide help in all kind of Android assignments and projects at very reasonable prices.

Nowadays, Most of the university professor Assign a project to their student in Android because Android field is the best one for doing collage Android programming project and assignment for students.

Would like to Introduce the lead thing for Android field:

  1. Java– It’s important to know Java because the Android applications have java coding in it.
  2. XML- Secondly, XML is the second most important skills for the Android app development it enables you to work on the Android app layout and design.
  3. Dedication and creativity.
  4. Most common used IDE for Android App Development
  5. Android Studio: I am using windows as my platform for developing the project using Android Studio If you have installed Android studio in your windows platform it would be the same directories as mine, if you are using any other operating system like Linux or MAC, you would be getting different directories. I mostly preferred Android Studio for working android assignments and android project. But if you need any other IDE we can work on that stop worrying!
  6. Eclipse: Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java and other programming languages like C, C++, PHP, and Android. Development environment provided by Eclipse includes the Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) for Java if you will work on Eclipse for coding You will get a .exe file, the executable file inside this folder, you can open it and start coding.

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